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Dare to be Bold; for homeowners and designers, a fashion-forward statement, bold Italian style.

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Aida As dramatic as the opera for which it's named, Aida brings a regal touch of intrigue, romance and drama to any setting. The majesty and allure of the ancients is recreated with an ambience for today in a rustic marble adaptation.Feathery veining runs like an intricate sub-plot through multiple shadings while uncluttered edges offer opportunity for minimal grout lines that showcase the tile itself. Color Line

American Estates Vintage, revisited and revived for modern dwellings and public spaces – that’s the takeaway with American Estates, Marazzi’s newest wood plank series in color body porcelain. The artisanal feel of hand-scraped, hand-oiled hardwood is authentically reproduced on a strong and durable porcelain body that withstands rigors – water, stains, freezing conditions – that are often the nemesis of real wood. Color Line

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Arte Color Line

Artea Stone Artea Stone takes inspiration from the natural stone walls of prehistoric caves – veined by the constant trickle of water, smoked by open fires, burnished by the contact of everyday life. Dramatic veining and a gentle puddling of colors reminiscent of travertine marble preserves heart connections to ancestral influences. Muted, neutral tones equally bring serenity to a mono-chromatic decor or serve as a subtle background palette for bold, vivid counterpoints of paint, furniture and fixtures. Color Line

Block Marazzi's Block series emphasizes naturalness and imperfection while expressing beauty in this new Colorbody™ rectified porcelain interpretation of hand-cast concrete. Updated with an alternating matte/glossy surface treatment atop a lightly troweled structure, this collection in six colors effectively adapts to different design styles. Block’s Sicilian majolica inspired 6"x6" porcelain decos reinterpret tradition with contemporary taste for those seeking more romantic, nostalgic and poetic moods. These beautifully crafted visuals in two colorways incorporate sinuous movement and individual expression on walls, countertops and floors. Color Line

Boardwalk Color Line

Caicos Prepare to be swept away by the glistening, mottled seascape colors of CAICOS glass mosaics. Be transported by this modern art glass to places out of the ordinary whether within a residence, a favorite restaurant, an exciting entertainment venue. Color Line

Calabria Color Line

Cambridge Oak Color body porcelain embraces the lifelike look and feel of naturally grained and whorled wood in CAMBRIDGE OAK. It requires a second look, probably even a touch, to be positive that it’s not real wood.  Brand new 36” lengths rectified to widths of both 6” and 9” combine with realistic surface graining and color shadings, compliments of 3d digital print technique.  The result is the beauty of prominent oak graining with all the benefits of porcelain . . . and none of the maintenance headaches. Color Line

Cathedral Heights Cathedral Heights has its genesis in ancient beams and doors reclaimed from old European churches and mansions. Marazzi’s authentic result is an astonishingly organic visual of complex sawcut and hewn graining combination achieved by 3d digital imaging. This strong Colorbody™ porcelain with rectified edges has a wide range of faces and shades that contribute to highly random, incredibly realistic wood-like surfaces. Cathedral Heights infuses modern-day rooms with amazing textural quality that appeals to both historic and contemporary leanings. Color Line

Catwalk Catwalk is a collection of dramatic glass mosaics that feature elongated strips in random widths and lengths with wide tonal ranges that produce an inviting sense of movement and surface excitement. You can make quite a splash on residential and commercial vertical spaces, lighting up backsplashes, pools, vanities and entire wallscapes. Gradient colors from lights to darks reflect a personal sense of style in these impervious, mesh-mounted beauties that are easy to clean as well as easy on the eye. Color Line

Cavatina The dramatic sense of depth and movement realized in CAVATINA™ via Marazzi’s 3d Imaging Technique captures the look of natural travertine on a flat, smooth surface that is both striking and easily maintained.  Fissures and striation visuals create realistic depth without any actual surface indentations.  These natural stone looks vary widely from piece to piece, within vastly-ranged colorways of white, beige, brown and gray. Color Line

Crystal Stone II Tiny tesserae and skinny strips fashion a big statement in Crystal Stone II. Bits of sparkly clear and subdued translucent glass intersperse with marble and slate segments, creating a sumptuous, ever-appealing palette. The color ranges and ratios are specifically developed to embellish the glorious shades of gray currently taking the market by storm. ??Gray gradations – pearl to taupe to charcoal to steel – synthesize with rich tones of chocolate, jade, rust, caramel and cream to effortlessly complement a broad range of surfacing materials. Color Line

Edgewood EDGEWOOD™ redefines classic, delivering a refined, fresh feel to porcelain wood. Capture the splendor and style of real hardwood in a modern interpretation without sacrificing the style and charm inherent to wood.  Modern chromatics in white, light gray, brown and dark brown reinforce the natural, uncomplicated look. Its easily-manageable 6”x24” size translates straight, staggered brick or herringbone patterns to floors and walls in hospitality, restaurant, retail and residential venues. Color Line

Fontanella Two decidedly hot design trends come together in Fontanella. A color body porcelain m?lange of stone and wood seamlessly integrates the finest characteristics of each medium into an open-possibility visual landscape. Some pieces are stone; some pieces are wood; some pieces randomly and masterfully mix sections of each. Color Line

Forest Impressions Color Line

Harmony Harmony's modern exotic wood look lets you make your design passion your lifestyle expression. Four dramatically shaded wood effects reign on an extremely flat surface with a strong porcelain core. Harmony looks like wood but performs better – porcelain is impervious and withstands water as well as freezing conditions when most woods cannot. Color Line

I Colori Color your world with rich, vibrant tones to instantly draw attention, spotlight architectural elements, and create a sense of excitement upon entering any room . . . plus offer a safer, hygienic, easily maintained environment.I Colori's beauty is not just skin deep. Abrasive corundum particles are an integral component of the glaze, not a topical application. Its slip resistance endures throughout the life of the glaze and remains readily cleanable with standard maintenance routines and supplies. Color Line

I Porfidi Di Marazzi Throw open the doors and transition this striking porcelain from interior to exterior floors and walls in either residential or commercial settings. Porphyry stone permeated with crystalline and metallic deposits inspired this dense, frost-resistant tile that is particularly well-suited for public areas such as atriums, courtyards, patios and walkways where slip resistance, strength and stain resistance are important.Deep, rich color bands of grays, rusts, and greens recreate naturally layered ore deposits and add to its organic appeal. Color Line

Imperial Slate Imperial Slate's face expresses the features of slabs risen from the prehistoric earth - scratched, split, and robust with a rich fusion of organic colors and clefts. Resplendent, layered colorations vary significantly from piece to piece and readily complement other diverse design elements, either rustic or contemporary. The lustrous patina beautifully harmonizes with a profusion of trims, be they glass, stone or metal, while its interplay of colors constantly brings new movement to a room. Color Line

Jade Softened, burnished to a lustrous finish, Jade's four natural slate tones are muted, yet retain the effect of distinct clefts, mineral deposits, the sense of layered colors. The satiny gem-like surface is simple to clean, wonderful to walk on barefoot and ideal for both floor and wall applications. Color Line

Knoxwood In Knoxwood by Marazzi, stunning 3d visuals and grainline variations from plank to plank epitomize the random characteristics of wood, while the porcelain body ensures strength and durability. Well-suited for both wet and dry areas, this product can be used in highly original places from showers to patio spaces for a stunning effect both indoors and out. Available in four beautiful colors, Knoxwood exudes the warmth and richness of natural wood in a 6”x24” plank, complementing both residential and commercial designs, and enticing the eye in any space. Color Line

Lastricato The power and beauty of hewn stone is captured in LASTRICATO's compelling, competitive porcelain alternative. Ideally suited for domestic and urban outdoor contexts that require above-average durability and slip-resistance, the unique homogeneous colorations and sizes create the realistic impression of actual stone. Plus, the thickness and frost resistance stand up to punishing traffic and weather conditions. Color Line

Livigno Capture the ever-changing look of primal weathered stone in modern, easy-to-install, easy-to-clean ceramic tile engineered for interior residential installations. Warm, earthy colors in tones of golden brown, grey and walnut make a perfect foil for more adventurous, more colorful home furnishings and accent pieces that express individuality and design flair. Two generous sizes (12”x12” and 18”x18”) with accompanying mosaics and bullnose take the floor – and walls and counter tops and baths and . . . wherever the imagination soars.Recycled content plus an impervious surface that inhibits the formation of mold and allergens are prime features. Clean, straight edges keep this stone look relevant for modern lifestyles. Color Line

Lounge14 Wisps of subtle woven strands float atop the satin-finished contemporary neutrals of LOUNGE14, synthesizing old-world textiles with contemporary color body porcelain via 3d digital print technology. The fresh, three-dimensional approach combines with monochromatic color gradations found in each piece to contribute subtle movement and visual texture on floors and walls in both private and public settings geared for relaxation, recharging. Color Line

Luminescence Luminescence™ by Marazzi is a stunning presentation of highly reflective, artisanal, poured glass modules. Sophistication is redefined through this transparent glass mosaic that reveals lustrous pearlized colors ranging from subtle neutrals to vibrant darks. The stylized 3"x4" glass rectangles project a flat surface juxtaposed by a beveled border that drops to a concave rectangular back, creating a sense of depth and intrigue. Resplendent colors with an eye-catching gleam elevate vertical spaces to extraordinary heights whether the mosaic is used in the full 9"x12" mesh-mounted sheets or cut apart into accent pieces or strips. Color Line

Materika MATERIKA™ resonates with the muted, powdery hues of concrete fashioned into elegant 16”x48” over-sized wall embellishments. The choice of flat, wavy or combed surfaces adds further intrigue to feature walls. Four versatile, matte neutrals easily integrate with current wood, concrete, glass and brick trends found in traditional and urban settings. MATERIKA™ makes it simple to impart minimalism and elegance to residential and commercial walls. Color Line

Middleton Square With its modern take on artisanal, hand-formed masonry, Middleton Square™ lets vertical spaces speak for themselves. Available in six exquisite colors, the pairing of subtle undulation and a bold 4”x12” size makes this a versatile choice for any fashion-forward design. Straight-line or staggered patterns can be installed vertically or horizontally and integrate stylishly with stone, wood and metal elements. Punctuating residential or commercial settings, Middleton Square adds striking sophistication to any room. Color Line

Midpark Mosaics Natural stones and multi-surfaced porcelain create striking dimensional wall art in Midpark Mosaics. With dazzling combinations of color, texture, and sheen, this intricate, mesh-mounted mosaic makes a bold statement in any room. Utilized in full-sized pieces or cut into accent strips, Midpark Mosaics is suited for any trend-forward residential or commercial setting. Complementing marble, limestone, slate, metal and glass, it can serve as a striking focal point or create dramatic interplay with other design elements indoors or out. Color Line

Modern Oasis Monochromic shadings and texture resembling windswept sand dunes define the contemporary limestone vibe of MODERN OASIS™. Rich, realistic graphic variations – linear to swirl – effortlessly flow from piece to piece in calming, organic shades. Dual-sized porcelain planks with flat surfaces, clean, straight edges and a controlled, neutral palette juxtapose strikingly with bolder elements of wood, glass and stone. Color Line

Monolith Monolith merges modern, double loaded color body porcelain technology with inspiration from the ancient beauty of porphyry volcanic rock; the result is large-scale field and modular tiles that display a sense of gravitas and strength. Six strikingly natural colors in three surface treatments – Matte, Brushed and Rock – appear to have been cut directly from slabs of actual stone. Geometric and three-dimensional decorative pieces greatly expand design possibilities.Performance and strength position Monolith for installations requiring continuity from internal to external environments in both commercial and residential venues. Equally dramatic installed on either floors or walls, this porcelain will withstand the rigors of heavy traffic without requiring extraordinary maintenance routines. Color Line

Percorsi Bold, textured surfaces and a unique chromatic earthen effect inherent to each piece make Percorsi ideal for interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical surfaces. The wide array of rectified field and modular sizes are enhanced by an intriguing mosaic created from thin, rectangular strips. Color Line

Perseo Rich color variations and authentic veining lie beneath Perseo's highly polished surface, providing extensive visual movement. Advanced digital print technology graphically reconstructs the essence of ageless coveted marbles on Perseo's impervious porcelain body, creating a beautiful, yet much stronger and easily maintained surface. Color Line

Preservation Preservation captures the seductive beauty of reclaimed wood with Colorbody™ rectified porcelain that’s both more versatile and easier to maintain than real wood. Sensual organic colors add depth and sophistication while extensive variability entices the eye to linger and savor every last detail. Advanced 3d imaging replicates the gorgeous nuances of reclaimed wood, aged and enhanced with heavily grained saw cuts, and worn, scraped, unfinished boards. Color Line

Province Gentle color movement and delicate, feathery veining presented in soft grey, ivory and rust neutrals. Two mid-size modules plus 2”x2” square mosaics create easy blends and backdrops that re-define travertine for either rustic or refined interior settings.Significantly lower life cycle costs, recycled content, simple maintenance and no VOCs yield a family- and environmentally-friendly combination. Color Line

Rapture RAPTURE is a bold, more rustic marble look captured in durable, frost-resistant porcelain. The veining, fissures and deposits that appear so realistically three-dimensional are actually realized on a flat surface with a granular glaze in dramatic shades of charcoal, beige and gray. A clean, straight edge treatment lends a contemporary feel to the line. Color Line

Riflessi di Legno Color Line

Safari Color Line

San Savino Glazed porcelain elevates old world rustic concrete to a place of prestige in modern, urban settings. Dramatic shade gamuts and worn, gentled edges combine with the authentic distress of stains and water discolorations, creating robust counterpoint for contemporary furnishings and spaces. Big, bold planks and squares in 12"x24", 18"x36" and 20"x20" formats leverage three dynamic natural shade ranges of beige, charcoal and grey to recreate authentic concrete colorplays and patterns. Color Line

Saturnia Understated elegance with a sense of strength underlies Saturnia's soft, warm, gentle colors. Intricate niches and indentations look like they were randomly formed by the earth's internal forces. The thick body structure imparts a boldness, a massiveness while the mosaics lend a playful personal touch. Color Line

Silk Luxurious Silk reveals the true beauty of ancient, vein-cut travertine in a modern-day glazed porcelain that addresses the needs of residential and commercial installations. Free-flowing swaths of color in three ranges draw the eye and fire the design imagination with bold new large-scale planks.Digital print technology reproduces the striations and mineral deposits found in natural travertine in this multi-sized, intricately colored line that is complemented with mosaic and decorative trim options. Color Line

Sistem A SistemA’s rich, vibrant color ranges go beyond fashion and style, assuring durability and deep abrasion resistance over time. Leading-edge technology produces a highly compacted crystalline glaze surface that reduces the index of refraction so light striking the tile face is unimpeded and reflects the brilliant glaze colors. Rich and vibrant shades ranging from cool to warm to intense provide a palette for every setting – residential or urban, indoors and out. The chromatic balance within SistemA offers exceptional coordination and modularity possibilities. The expansive array of colors, textures and sizes unite with frost resistance, exceptional abrasive wear, chemical resistance and ease of maintenance in this ground-breaking crystallized porcelain. Color Line

Sistem C- Citta CITTA’s expansive color spectrum ranges from the quietest of neutrals to very vibrant primaries, setting the stage for all-out personalized interior walls. The streamlined narrow rectangle shape immediately attracts attention as a wallscape material that is outside the norm. Architect and design professionals will relish this exciting new format that is such a welcome deviation from smaller, mundane wall tile sizes and shapes.The array of 14 colors contained in CITTA’s matte palette integrates smoothly with other elements in the Marazzi Architectural program, facilitating high levels of design flexibility. All feature accompanying bull nose trim, plus 12 are also available in three-dimensional decorative inserts that can either stand-alone or integrate with field tile to generate eye-catching patterns.Vertical or horizontal layouts – or a mixture of the two – are equally inventive. Single color expanses or the creative mixture of multiple colors offer infinitely intriguing possibilities. CITTA casts walls in a whole new light (or dark), seamlessly merging design statements from one plane to the next. Color Line

Sistem N Sublime appearance and top performance distinguish the unglazed double-loaded porcelain stoneware that is SistemN. The nine color palette is comprised of soft waves of neutrals, gently ranging in gradation from warm to cool. Just the right amount of color in gradually intensifying shades permit designers or owners to achieve the perfectly personalized style effect desired. The slightest hint of surface pattern keeps the eye moving, presenting the installation differently at different times of the day or season.Three surface textures ranging from Polished to Matte to Rock heighten the visual excitement when used together in floor/wall, inside/ outside, public/private projects. Seamless segues from one space to the next are easy. Color Line

Sistem T- Cromie Cromie showcases elements of both unglazed and double loaded color body porcelain stoneware at its technological and aesthetic best. A vital module in Marazzi’s precisely-designed Sistem Color Matrix, Cromie’s broad spectrum of seventeen contemporary, monochromatic colors and three surface textures [Matte, Polished and Rock] enliven personal or community spaces.Much more than colorful eye-candy, Cromie’s durability and anti-slip characteristics as well as its frost resistant body make the series ideal for outdoor and industrial environments as well as for ventilated wall applications. Perfect for water-jet cut murals and logos, the strength and simple maintenance requirements combine to meet the criteria for diverse installations.All elements of Cromie are designed to fully integrate with the Graniti and Kaleidos components of SistemT as well as with SistemN and SistemA products. Color Line

Sistem T- Graniti High-tech and high performance – intrinsic qualities showcased in the eleven-color Graniti line of unglazed porcelain stoneware. Subtle micro-granules of color accent Graniti’s broad array of sought-after shades and extend throughout the body of the tile. Matte, Polished and Rock texture options offered in multiple sizes position Graniti as an ideal choice for wall and floor installations. Not only does it perform well in commercial and outdoor environments, but it is also an increasingly popular option for residential spaces.The forgiving nature of the speckled design plus the low porosity of the tile’s body results in minimal maintenance requirements. An integral part of Marazzi’s Sistem Color Matrix, Graniti elements are designed to fully interact with the Cromie and Kaleidos components of SistemT as well as with SistemN and SistemA products. Color Line

Solaris Color Line

Stone Collection Color Line

Super Saltillo A strong porcelain body underlies the warm, soft, artisan feel of Super Saltillo. Rounded, slightly irregular top edges and a refined, flatter surface with only slight scratches, indentations and specs distinguish it from generic, porous saltillos that require repetitive sealing, stripping, sealing routines.Bold, highly variegated colorations with a smooth, satin finish are equally at home on walls and floors in Country French, Mediterranean or Southwestern venues. Color Line

Taiga Planks of 6”x24” authentic wood-grained porcelain with random graining and knots make TAIGA right at home in classic or contemporary settings. The richness and warmth of wood in four striking colors – beige, black, brown and walnut – can accentuate floors and walls (even in wet areas like showers, backsplashes or tub surrounds) where natural wood could not readily be used. Color Line

Treverkchic The exemplary rendition of natural fine wood graining and contemporary colorations raises the bar in the wood-look porcelain hierarchy. These luxe linears connote refined/understated traditional waxed woods that have been revitalized with energized shades to fit right in with current residential and hospitality trends for graceful geometries.The natural warmth and tactile appeal of the noble walnuts and teaks that inspired the series are beautifully translated to rectified, easy-care, color-body porcelain. Color Line

Urban District BRX Urban District BRX [bricks] is influenced by the hand-crafted shapes and highly variegated color expanses of nineteenth century Chicago brick heritage. Reclaimed. Revitalized. Remarkable. This bold new take on traditional brick uses modern ceramic technology to recreate the characteristics of artisanal masonry in a slim profile with a wide range of color-blends. BRX 2"x8" and 4"x8" modules easily accommodate basket weave, herringbone, stack and running bond patterns in industrial, contemporary or traditional design settings.Urban District Collection™ Color Line

Urban District STX Urban District STX [sticks] is an industrial-inspired wood-look tile ideal for transforming modern spaces. Four lightly distressed monochromatic color ranges in 6"x36" planks incorporate the natural knots and whorls inherent to wood and artlessly mix with design elements of glass, stone, fabric and metal. Lightly wire-brushed surfaces and defined grain lines achieved through 3d imaging technology bring depth and a sense of movement to any interior.Urban District™ Collection Color Line

Vesale Stone Vesale Stone captures the look of refined slates found in the ancient hills of Italy and transports that simpler, organic building material to modern dwellings and public areas. Asynchronous glaze applications create dramatic pattern diversity.Rich tonal ranges and dramatic streaks suggest the natural layers and clefting of natural slate while the surface remains flat and easy to clean. A final granular frit application enhances slip resistance and textural appeal. Color Line

Walnut Canyon Color Line

Western Stone Color Line
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