Olympia Tile Ceramic Tile

Product Line

Aetna These tiles are available in a range of light and dark earthtone colours. The moderate colour variegation and the simulated surface clefts give an attractive depth to the tiles and the look of natural slate. Color Line

Alabastrino Sophisticated neutral colours with a very subtle variegation which enhances the beauty of the tiles and gives the look of Alabastrino marble. Colour-matched decorative Monica Inserts and Monica Listellos enhance the attractiveness of the tiles Color Line

Alcorense A glossy, flat surface, standard wall tile. Color Line

Alviano This series is stock in sophisticated, neutral colours that are subtly variegated to give the appearance of highly veined natural stone. Color Line


A translucent glass with gold coloured 'VENTURINA' veining.

Sheet Size: 12.8"x12.8"

Color Line

Ambiente Containing more than 40% pre-consumer re-cycled content, these light rustic tiles are particularly 'Eco-friendly'.  Individual re-cycled content percentages (per colour) are available. Additional iinformation is available from your Olympia Tile representa Color Line

Anticato This series has an antique tumbled marble look in versatile earthtone colours Color Line

Antique A limestone look in earth tone colours. Color Line

Arizona A rustic stone-look. Color Line

Artech Variegated in a subtle linear fashion with luminescent metallic striae, giving a diffuse appearance to the colours of the tiles. The series includes a 1" x 2.25" Stacked Mosaic, most often used for decorative purposes. The understated patterning makes the Color Line

Athens A limestone look in earth tone colours Color Line

Atrium Neutral colours.  Abbazia Decor is a 4-piece set with antique styling Color Line

Australia Sandstone A limestone look in earth tone colours Color Line

Babara These Floor Tiles have a light-marbelized patterning and are colour matched to Barbara 8" x 12" Wall Tiles. Color Line

Bamboo An up-to-date design in three pale neutral colours and a milk-chocolate brown, all with darker linear striations. Co-ordinating Inserts and Listellos enhance the attractiveness of the tiles. Color Line

Banff Versatile neutral colours which are lightly "dappled". Color Line

Bevelled Convex Series A mesh-mounted glass and marble mosaic. An attractive new style of bevelled glass shapes that are convex, with the addition of small marble inserts. Color Line

Bintan Rustic country-look that is lightly-textured, with slate-like surface undulations. These neutral colours have a subtle variegation and Satin Matte finish which adds richness and depth. Color Line

Bnw Co-ordinated with BnW Series 12"x18" Glazed Wall Tile in Black and White with colour-matched Listellos. Color Line

Bois A replica of hardwood. Color Line

Borgogna Variegated to give the appearance of French Limestone Color Line

Burel-Tuscon Neutral, variegated colours in a Satin Matte finish with a light rustic appearance which adds depth to the colours. Color Line

Byzantine This series has a realistic marbleized look with a soft honed finish. The decorative mesh-backed Phobos Listellos is available in matching colours. Color Line

Byzantium This series has a realistic marbleized look with a soft honed finish. The decorative mesh-backed Phobos Listellos is available in matching colours. Color Line

Canadiana Decors Insert Tiles in light-coloured, attractive designs that are best suited to kitchen backsplash installations. Color Line

Canyon Light neutral colours with a subtle surface texturing. Satin Matte finish. Color Line

Caroline Linear striations in tone-on-tone colouring. The Climber Insert has a vine detail in platinum and a matching Listello. Color Line

Cashmere These tiles are in rich, variegated earthtone colours that are similar to the colours of Indian Slate. The Mosaic can be used to create decorative features and borders. Color Line

Caviar A finely textured pattern in solid colours of pure Black and pure White. Color Line

Chinook Neutral earth tone colours with rustic styling and a Semi-gloss finish. Co-ordinating 4-pc set Decor has a raised design and an antique look. Colour-matched 1"x4" Chair Rail trims enhance the attractiveness of the tiles. Color Line

Classico Tra A replica of vein-cut Travertine with a linear, tone-on-tone variegation. Matte finish. Co-ordinating Glossy finish Classico Tra Wall tile series is available. Color Line

Corte Milia Lightly variegated colouring in a Satin Matte finish gives a pleasing rustic appearance that resembles natural limestone.  Decorative Floor 6.5"x13" Listellos and 6.5"x6.5" Corner Listellos have a subtle relief design and will enhance the attractiveness of the tiles. Color Line

Cosmos Light cross-cut Travertine look in three variegated neutral colours.  Colour coordinating decorative 2"x2" Mosaic tiles enhance the attractiveness of the tiles. Color Line

Cotto Tumbled Stone A limestone look in three earth-tone colours. Color Line

Cristallo A wide-colour palette, clear film face-mounted mosaic in either glossy or matte finish. Available also in 3x6 size and 4x16 size unmounted tiles. Cristallo Blends feature mixed colours in both glossy and matte finishes all on the same sheet. Color Line

Cronos A replica of rustic natural stones, produced using digital technology. These interlocking tiles, in neutral colours, have a highly textured surface in a style reminiscent of brick-layered mosaics Color Line

Decoramic Listellos Neutral earth tone colours with rustic styling and a Semi-gloss finish. Co-ordinating 4-pc set Decor has a raised design and an antique look. Colour-matched 1"x4" Chair Rail trims enhance the attractiveness of the tiles. Color Line

Denver Neutral colours in a replica of natural stone. Inserts are designed in a raised graphic style. Color Line

Desert Stone The rich earthtone colours are variegated to a high degree which gives them the truly natural appearance of Sandstone Color Line

Diamond Variegated colours in this coordinated series have been designed to give the appearance of Limestone, with subtle metallic flecks. Satin Matte finish. Color Line

Dune Natural stone styling in a range of variegated earthtone colours, with a smooth surface finish. Color Line

Duragres Versatile, neutral colours. Color Line

Elegance Glossy finish, non-rectified. Replica of Statuaario and Trani Natural Stone, produced using a digital printing system. The design extends completely from edge to edge even on relief surface areas such as in the Rigado (ridge) design. Tivoli Listellos have a metallic enhanced design. Color Line

Erica Rugged, rustic look, a textured surface and attractively variegated earthtone colours in a Satin Matte finish Color Line

Fabric Fabric Series Color Line

Falcon Colours that are lightly variegated, simulating natural stone. Satin Matte finish. Color Line

Fibre Jute textile look in both unglazed and Polished finishes. These tiles are squared and rectified (saw-cut).PLEASE NOTE: that Fibre Series colour lines will not match up when tiles are laid running in the same direction. Color Line

Florida Light rustic, marbleized appearance. Bright-glazed highlighting gives a delicate lustrous look to the two elegant neutral colours. Satin Matte finish. Color Line

Gi Unicolour in minimalist, neutral colour palette in four finishes: Polished, Matte,Grip (textured) and Lapato (semi-Polished). A 1"x3" Matte finish, stacked mosaic (sheet size 11.25" x 11.5") is also available in each of the four stocked colours. Color Line

Golden Wood These 12"x12" Floor tiles match the background colours of the Golden Wood 10"x16" Glazed Wall tiles, and with a lesser degree of wood patterning, they have a muted tonality ideally suited to floor applications. Color Line

Gp Slate The varigated colours give the appearance of Indian Slate. Decorative Mosaic Listello complements all colours in the series. Color Line

Graphic Solid colours in gloss finish with uniform linear detailing (i.e. finely ridged pattern). Color Line

Happy Vibrant colours that have a satin-matte finish Color Line

Imperial These tiles are a replica of filled Turkish travertine, in variegated colours. The Mosaic can be used to create decorative features and borders. Color Line

Instone Earthtone colours that have rectified (saw-cut) edges. Styled in a random design natural stone-look, with luminous quartz chips. Color Line

Jasper Retro" look - all in White, featuring distinctive 2.5" Octagonal shape and two Hexagonal shapes (3/4" and 2") in addition to a 1x2 Brick Patterned Mosaic.   Octagons and Hexagons are available in both Glossy and Matte finishes. Color Line

Jurastone This series has the look of Natural Stone. Decorative pieces include Riverstone Listello and Riverstone Corner Listello. Color Line

Keliker The minimalistic style and colouring of these series produces an excellent replica of natural stone. Color Line

Kentucky Unusual "wet look" in the style of polished marble and all of the colours are subtly veined.  The delicate colour variegation gives added interest and depth. Color Line

Km Limestone A replica of French Limestone. Color Line

La Pietre A rough textured surface, also available in a slate finish and an anti-slip finish. Color Line

La Riserva Styled with rustic simplicity.  The earthtone colours are lightly variegated, adding depth and richness.  Satin Matte finish.  Colour-matched Venetial Inserts and Listellos enhance the attractiveness of the tiles. Color Line

La Spezia Duplication of Limestone with fossils in earth-toned colours. Color Line

Lapato Semi-polished neutral colours which are variegated to give the appearance of natural Quartzite. Color Line

Liberty Rustic styled Floor tiles in neutral colours. Color Line

Lido Satin-matte finished designer colour pallette of plain tiles and co-ordinated decors with overall raised ridges that give a tone-on-tone effect. Color Line

Linen Woven textile design Color Line

Linsey A woven linen wallpaper look. Floral Insert with lustre-glaze and matching Listello Color Line

Luce A woven linen wallpaper look. Floral Insert with lustre-glaze and matching Listello Color Line

Lugano In both a small-grain style and three solid colours. Also available in Stone Rock Finish (small-grain style in 3 colours), which has been bush-hammered with a resultant structured surface. Color Line

Luxe Very dark colours that are liberally dappled with black and have somewhat lighter veining. The "movement" in the colours is similar to marble. Satin Matte finish. Color Line

Metro Cushion-edged Wall Tiles. The Insert decoration consists of three squares in muted colours portraying various raised and glossy designs, on a background of the tile colours. Color Line

Milanese A jute textile look in neutral colours with a lustrous glazed finish. Color Line

Misingi Plank style tiles in a replica of various African woods. Color Line

Molise Vibrant and neutral colours have a satin-matte finish that is slightly dimpled, which adds an attractive depth. Color Line

Monica Neutral colour tones. The similarity to a light crosscut Travertine enhances the attractiveness of these tiles. Satin Matte finish. Color Line

Montana Solid colour and small grain speckled colour tiles, mesh-mounted. Many colour have been co-ordinated with NIAGARA and WINSTONE series for use together to create attractive patterns and borders. Color Line

Naxos GLAZED PORCELAIN A replica of a light Rapolano Travertine. Color Line

New Albatroz High-gloss in pastel colours, these tiles have a realistic marbleized look that is rich and elegant. Color Line

New Burel Neutral, variegated colours with a ristic, light appearance. Color Line

New Leather A replica of Ostrich leather. Color Line

New Palio A rustic terracotta look. Color Line

New Windsor A wide range of pastel coloured tiles, with bold accent tiles and Canadiana decorative insert tiles that are styled to suit kitchen backsplash installations. Available in Bright, Matte and Secura Anti-Slip finishes. Color Line

Niagara Solid Colour and small grain, speckled (SP) tiles. Many colours have been co-ordinated with WINSTONE Series for use together to create attractive patterns and borders. Ideal for swimming pools, saunas, showers and Other wet areas. Color Line

Norman Striated tone-on-tone tile.  Our co-ordinated Norman Series Wall Tiles are stocked in size 10"x20". Color Line

Omnia UNGLAZED PORCELAIN Small Grain and Large Grain tiles, Matte and Structured finishes, in a range of designer colours. Color Line

Ontario Glazed Porcelain, dot-mounted mosaics available in size 2"x2" in Gloss, Matte and 'Secura' finishes, and 2"x4" available in Gloss and Matte finishes only. Color Line

Oriental Slate A stone look in earthtone colours. Color Line

Orlando A brick-patterned design with Tozzetto-style decorations interspersed throughout. Color Line

Palacio A wallpaper/textile look in matte and semi-polished finishes of earth-tone hues that blend well together.Avaliable in Matte & Semi Polished Color Line

Petra Latina This series is stocked in sophisticated, neutral colours which are variegated to a high degree to give the appearance of Travertino Rapolano marble. Color Line

Piel These tiles are patterned and variegated to give the look of animal hide. The Multi Brick colour Mosaic is co-ordinated with all colours of this series. Color Line

Pietra Jurassica Modular sizes, including Mosaic. The colour variegation gives the appearance of natural Jura Stone. The mosaic is mesh-mounted and has an unusual stone size and an antique finish. Color Line

Pizzara These unglazed porcelain tiles in rich and versatile colours have a fine slate-like surface finish. This series excels in terms of durability and wear resistance and can be used for heavy commercial traffic. Frost resistant Color Line

Pompei Attractively variegated earthtone colours. Color Line

Preda Lightly variegated slate-look with clefted surface. Color Line

Quebec A Dot-mounted, unglazed porcelain in speckled and solid colours in sizes 2"x2" and 1"x1" Cove Base Inner (2"x2") and Cove Base Outer (2"x2") are available, as is a 2"x1" Pool nosing. Color Line

Rapolano Four versatile neutral colours in an elegant replica of Travertine Marble, for a timeless look. Color Line

Reflection A linear straie design that is lightly highlighted in satin-matte glaze. A co-ordinating Reflection Glazed Wall tile is available. Color Line

Regal Modular sizes, in unglazed and Polished finishes (plus Flamed finish in Black and Medium Noce colours) this double-loaded Porcelain has the appearance of natural Limestone. Color Line

Reportage A replica of Natural Wood. Color Line

Rock A limestone look in a modern, neutral colour palette. Color Line

Rocky These tiles have a rustic look that is similar in appearance to natural slate. The designer-choice colours are lightly variegated, giving them depth. Color Line

Roksand These tiles have a matte glaze in a range of earthtone colours and give the appearance of natural stone. Color Line

Roma Neutral, light coloured Limestone-look tiles. The patterning on these tiles creates colour variegation. Color Line

Rome Stone A limestone look in earthtone colors. Color Line

Rosedale Neutral colours with random "metallic-like" striations.   Size 24" x 24" available only in  Black, Charcoal and Grey. Color Line

Safari The earthtone colours in this series are variegated to provide a pleasing blend as found in nature's stones. The co-ordinating 2"x2" mosaic is available in all colours. Color Line

Sands A rustic stone look. Color Line

Santa Barbara This series is available in sophisticated neutral colours that are variegated to give the true appearance of a cross-cut Travertine. A co-ordinating 2"x2" Mosaic is available in all colours. Color Line

Sauble A replica of cement in a minimalist colour palette. Color Line

Selkirk Colours are highly variegated, giving the appearance of Quartzite Color Line

Senese This tile have an antique/tumbled-marble look. Color Line

Shore Limestone look in an earth-tone colour palette. The Listellos, in a brick-layered style, are composed of Porcelain and coloured Glass, in pieces of 1" in depth and of varying widths. Color Line

Sparta These tiles are in variegated earthtone colours and have the appearance of a lightly-clefted slate. Color Line

Stone Wash Style reminiscent of natural Limestone. Sizes are not all modular and thickness differs between sizes. The Multi-Stick Listellos have mesh-mounted, random-size stones in an irregular brick-pattern, and are stocked in all colours in the range. Color Line

Stones So A replica of various natural stones. Color Line

Street A linear, striated look. Color Line

Tartara The colours of these elegant country rustic style tiles are variegated, giving extra richness and depth.  Decorative pieces for this series include a 5"x12" Listello, 5"x5" Corner Listello and a 2.75"x2.75" decorative insert (5-pc set). Color Line

Taurus Four strong earthtone colours that are highly variegated, each tile having a distinct mix of colours.  The tiles have a slate-like finish that also has a simulated "cleft" surface. Color Line

Teakwood A replica of a natural Sandstone known as Teak Wood in both Matte and Polished finishes. All of these tiles can be used on either floors or walls, with size 10"x20" especially attractive on walls. Wall installations can be further enhanced with the additi Color Line

Techna Light marble look in pale and dark neutrals. Color Line

Theatre These tiles have a wood-grain plank look. Color Line

Tiffany A satin textile look in semi-polished "Lapatto" finish (ie: only the high points of the finish are polished). Color Line

Tiger Replica of a Tiger’s Eye semi-precious stone. Semi-polished with metallic tracery throughout the pattern. Size 12"x24" is available by Special Order. Color Line

Top A high-gloss ultra-white tile. Color Line

Toreador Slate-like finish with simulated surface "clefting". The high degree of variegation adds depth and interest to the colours and the overall appearance of the tiles. Color Line

Toscana Three soft, neutral colours. Lightly variegated colouring adds depth and interest to the tiles. Satin Matte finish. Color Line

Tropical Grass These tiles are designed to simulate grasses by using a variegated stria effect and the decorative tiles are designed to co-ordinate with all colours. Color Line

Yura New This 5 colour series is similar in appearance and finish to our existing Yura Series, and the two may be used together. Many of the stocked sizes are modular, and rectified (saw-cut). The mosaics are mesh-mounted. Color Line
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